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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting involved in student theatre can be a bit overwhelming, so we've put together a handy FAQ page for you. If you have a question that isn't here, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Q1. What's the best way for new members to get involved?

Check out the upcoming opportunities page for all auditions, workshops, production callouts and proposals. The best way to get involved from there is just to come along and give it a go!

Q2. How do I become a member?

Just click the 'Join' button on the top menu to grab your membership from the SU website.

Q3. I haven't done acting/directing/writing/producing before, can I still get involved?

Absolutely! Everyone has to start somewhere, and we encourage anyone to get involved, regardless of experience. It's extremely common to get involved with DramSoc having had no previous experience at all. 

Q4. How many shows does DramSoc do a year?

We do an average of six shows a year at a variety of venues both in the Student Union and at external venues around Bristol. We also fund a team to go up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every summer. 

Q5. Are DramSoc and Spotlights the same group?

No, Spotlights is our sister society. Spotlights is another drama society, that focuses on new writing and experimental theatre specifically. But, we have a lot in common so we do a lot of events together.

Q6. What is a proposal?

A proposal is a meeting that takes place before we have a show planned, where we decide what show we're going to do. Proposing teams 'propose' their piece by giving a short presentation on it and why they would like to do it. Then we have a Q+A section with the proposing teams, and then we vote to decide which piece we will put on. We have a number of slots at a variety of venues throughout the year, so keep an eye out for proposals! If you would like more information about proposing, or some support in developing your proposal, please get in touch. Also, check out our proposal pack, 

Q7. Who can propose a show?

Any of our members can propose a show!

Q8. What kind of show can I propose?

DramSoc puts on all kinds of shows, so you can propose just about anything you like. That includes classic plays, contemporary plays, new writing, devised pieces or anything else you can think of!

Q9. I auditioned for a show/applied for a production role and was unsuccessful, can I have some feedback?

Absolutely! If you would like feedback on any audition or production role application, just get in touch. Casting and production role applications tend to be fairly competitive, so don't get discouraged. Check out our 'Upcoming Opportunities' page and our social media for new projects to get involved with.

Q10. What does *insert odd word* mean?

We try our best to use inclusive language, but sometimes we might use some jargon or abbreviations. If you're not sure, check out this brief DramSoc dictionary:

DramSoc= DramSoc is just an abbreviation of Drama Society

ELA Officer= ELA stands for Equality, Liberation and Access. This committee role is dedicated to making sure DramSoc is fair and equal for everyone.

PAF= PAF stands for 'Performing Arts Forum', performing arts societies affiliated with Bristol SU are a part of PAF.

TRASh= TRASh stands for 'That Really Arty Show', it's our first showcase of the year. We have one piece for each decade from the 1970s to now, so that means a big cast and production team- it's a great way to get involved. 

GIAG= GIAG stands for Give It A Go! This is used by all Student Union societies as it is a campaign used during freshers week where each society host free taster sessions for anyone to join to check the society. 

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